$300 Project Subsidies are Available!

$300 Project Subsidies are Available!

School-community project subsidies are available to classrooms and school clubs. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage your students in social action projects that seek to address poverty in our communities, or address human rights, or challenge mental health stigma in your school, or any other social justice issue of importance to your students. Perhaps you even wish to become a Fair Trade school.

To create a project and apply for funding, please login or create a profileand select the social action project subsidy.

Join the 170,000 students in Canada engaged in over 590 school-community social actions projects. You have until June 30, 2018 to complete your project.

If you want ideas, browse our public showcases on Imagineaction. Join the 3,000+ teachers registered with Imagineaction! Hope to see your application soon!!