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An international survey on occupational health and well-being in education

Because the protection of the health and well-being of teachers is essential to guaranteeing quality education in the world, the Education and Solidarity Network and the MGEN Foundation for Public Health are launching an international barometer on the occupational health and well-being of education personnel. For this first edition, the survey is distributed to teachers in 6 countries: France, Belgium, Morocco, Canada, Gambia, Mexico.

By completing this questionnaire (which does not require more than 15 minutes), you contribute to a better vision of the experience and working conditions of the world of education in different countries so that you can subsequently put in place appropriate actions.

Make your voice heard on the common challenges facing more than 30 million teachers around the world! Thank you for your time and your valuable responses. 

Do not hesitate to tell your colleagues!

Link to survey: click here

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