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Call for Workshop Proposals

Hôtel Bonaventure Montréal; Yearly event for all educators working for the English-language schools of Québec (over 13,000 educators working in public and private); Participation close to 3,000 individuals every year; Workshops (75 to 90 minutes) and pre-convention workshops(all day Thursday) on a variety of subjects of interest to educators; Multidisciplinary convention for educators working in [...]

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The First Day of Sectorial Negotiations A message from Heidi Yetman, president of QPAT January 16, 2020 in Quebec City. Over my 23-year teaching career things slowly changed. Slowly over time, I lost my autonomy. There were more and more students with particular needs, more meetings, more committees, and furthermore, I was finding my salary [...]


INFO-NEGO – December 18, 2019

On December 17, the Comité patronal de négociation pour les commissions scolaires anglophones (CPNCA) deposited their counter-offer to our QPAT negotiation team. It is with much disappointment that QPAT received this counter-offer. If the government wants to value the teaching profession, it is not reflected in the CPNCA proposal. As a matter of fact, this [...]

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INFO-NEGO – December 13, 2019

 “Every year we slip further and further behind.” DECEMBER 13, 2019 On December 12, the Legault Government offered the public sector a 7% salary increase over 5 years. Earlier this week, Statistics Canada published the teachers’ salaries from across Canada for the 2017-2018 school year. The publication (available here: https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/81-604-x/2019001/tbl/tblc3.1-fra.htm) shows a 13% gap between teachers’ salaries in Québec and the [...]

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Bill 40 – Parliamentary Hearing

Bill 40, An act to amend mainly the Education act with regard to school organization and governance was tabled on October 1st. Watch QPAT present their brief at the parliament (November 5, 2019)      

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QPAT Brief on Bill 40

An Act to amend mainly the Education Act with regard to school organization and governance QPAT Brief on Bill 40

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Teachers have the right to a safe workplace!

Did you know that, in a spring 2018 survey of QPAT members 56% of respondents said they had been victims of at least one incident involving physical and/or psychological violence (including cyberbullying) in the previous two years. 47% of the incidents were perpetrated by students and 33% by parents. More than 70% of respondents said [...]

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PROJECT OVERSEAS 2020 Teachers’ Action for Teaching

Are you ready for something more in your professional life? Are you looking for a larger, more global view of education? As a teacher, do you feel you have more to offer and more to learn? Are you ready for a personal and professional adventure? If yes, Project Overseas (PO) might be for you!   [...]

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