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Congrès annuel 2022 : le 13 et 14 octobre

ateliers enregistrés

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Comment corriger les erreurs des nombres 1 à 1 000

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Stop, Stabilize, Surpass: Circumventing Burnout

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Teaching Math To Spatial Learners

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La théorie du FREEBIE

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Engage your students in Voting Rights through Time

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The Loneliness Epidemic

Ateliers précongrès de l’APEQ

Le jeudi 13 octobre de 9:00 a 15:00

Speakers: Olivia Colalillo, Andrea Prupas, Assistive Technology Consultants

Everything you wanted to know about assistive technology and its application in the classroom! Welcome to our AT “blitz” where we will be discussing, exploring and learning together. As assistive technology specialists who work with our students every day in our classrooms, we are all about hands-on, ready-to-implement strategies and tools! Our goal for this workshop is for you to feel confident supporting your student(s) with AT. We will be using platforms and tools that we have already available in our English school boards.

Target Audience: All

Speaker: Christopher Simeone, Special Educator technician, EMSB

Christopher Simeone has been a behavior interventionist for 10 years. During his childhood, all he wanted to understand was why people behaved the way they did. Now you can learn everything he has over the years, as he presents techniques and strategies in behaviour communication. Learn from someone who had to understand himself as someone with learning disabilities to becoming a professional in the field.

Target Audience: All

Speakers: Tony Lacroce, Education Management Consultant, Tanya Dawe, Yoga and Mediation Teacher

Part 1 – Morning Mindfulness: 15 minutes to prepare for a focused and productive day. Part 2 – Frogs Have It Easy; They Eat What Bugs Them: Are there parents or colleagues who test your preparedness, professionalism, and patience? You can control your side of the interaction. Part 3 – Mindful Movement: Tension release for entire body (no special equipment/clothing needed)

Target Audience: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary

Speakers: Jessica Hand, Lise Kuhn, Anne Beamish, Tiffany Dickie, ATEQ

We will offer a full day workshop featuring the innovative work of educators within the English language Arts community in Quebec. Mobilizing ATEQ’s grassroots partnerships and connections with people from different school boards, the MEQ, Vanier College, and McGill University, we will showcase projects, best practices and pedagogical tools, to inspire teachers from a variety of levels and backgrounds and continue to build a vibrant network of ELA educators across the province.

Target Audience: All

Speakers: The Cobblestone Collective

Has it been a while since you checked out all that Google has to offer? Or maybe you work in the Google Drive environment daily, and you want to learn about more of the hidden gems. Join us for this workshop where we’ll take a deep dive into all that Google has to offer to streamline your workflows and inspire your students. Whether it’s Chrome, Google Classroom, Extensions, Add-Ons and more, there’s something new for everyone to discover and explore.

Target Audience: Primary, Secondary

Speakers: Rukhshanna Surty, Ian Ramsay, Health and Wellness Consultants

Moving from overwhelm to calm is a learned behaviour. We will explore various ways of releasing stress and manifesting calm in mind and body. Moving our bodies and breathing in new and effective ways nourishes creativity and sets the template for effective learning and growth. Easy to learn and teach, these experiential activities are coupled with time honoured wisdom, and cutting-edge research to give you an understanding of how it’s done and why it works! Come with an open mind and a willingness to have fun and try new ways of being. Breathe, move, dance, stretch, inquire, meditate, use acupressure to release tension – and leave feeling focused, balanced and vibrant! When you have felt it, you can teach it! Activities for application in the classroom will be provided.

Target Audience: All

Speaker: Jane Felling, Consultant, BoxCars and One-Eyed Jacks

Many of our JK-grade 2 students experienced challenging years since Covid. Come prepared to play, learn strategies and games that help address the learning gaps and loss. Concepts covered include subitizing count, doubles, make 5, 10, operations+, -, place value, double digits operations. Games for differentiated centres and whole groups will be shared. Ideas for assessment math journals and gameboards provided. We will play with cards, dice, # lines and shakers!

Target Audience: Kindergarten, Primary

Speakers: Cobblestone Collective

Has it been a while since you checked out all that Microsoft has to offer? Or maybe you work in the M365 environment daily, and you want to learn about more of the hidden gems. Join us for this workshop where we’ll take a deep dive into all that Microsoft has to offer to help streamline your workflows and inspire your students. Whether it’s OneNote, Teams, Sway, Sharepoint and more, there’s something new for everyone to discover and explore.

Target Audience: Primary, Secondary

Speakers: Deirdre Potash, Teaching Artist, ArtWill Studio

In a fun, stimulating and interactive learning environment, you (and then your students) will learn simple art techniques along with exploring accessible materials to solidify learning in your classroom. This is a hands-on workshop with lots of opportunities to ask questions. All materials supplied. Relax, be encouraged, and create.

Target Audience: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary

Rick Mercer fait la chronique, la satire et, surtout, la célébration de tout ce qui est formidable et audacieux dans ce pays. Auteur de best-sellers nationaux et lauréat du prix du Gouverneur général pour l’ensemble de sa carrière artistique, Rick Mercer est notre humoriste le plus populaire, un satiriste politique qui sait exactement ce qui importe aux Canadiens et ce qui les fait rire. Dans ses nouvelles mémoires intitulées Talking to Canadians, l’humoriste bien-aimé retrace son ascension fulgurante vers la gloire télévisuelle dans une série d’anecdotes fascinantes, hilarantes et inoubliables ainsi que de révélations sur les coulisses de sa carrière de plusieurs décennies.

Son émission primée, The Rick Mercer Report, diffusée sur CBC, a régulièrement dépassé ses concurrents américains en matière d’auditoire. L’émission présentait ses coups de gueule, ses bulletins de nouvelles satiriques, ses parodies de publicités et ses rencontres comiques avec des Canadiens célèbres. Plus que tout autre humoriste (ou même journaliste), il s’entretient avec les personnalités canadiennes avec une franchise rafraîchissante, et il est le seul à pouvoir tirer de l’humour des personnes et des choses profondément ancrées dans la conscience nationale. Mercer a remporté plus de 25 prix Gemini pour The Rick Mercer Report, Made in Canada et This Hour has 22 Minutes. Il a également été la vedette de Rick Mercer’s Talking to Americans, qui a attiré l’attention dans toute l’Amérique du Nord, a été visionné par des millions de personnes et demeure l’émission spéciale humoristique la mieux cotée de l’histoire du Canada. Dans ses récentes mémoires intitulées Talking to Canadians, Rick Mercer raconte sa propre histoire pour la première fois, avec le même esprit mordant qui a fait de lui un favori national. Margaret Atwood, l’auteure légendaire, a décrit ce livre comme étant “un recueil de mémoires drôle, semé de rebondissements et sans retenue de la part de l’animateur de télévision provocateur et repousseur de limites, et semeur de zizanie”.

Rick Mercer Final Report, son dernier livre et best-seller du Toronto Star et du Globe and Mail, rassemblait des tirades jamais publiées des cinq dernières saisons de son émission, ainsi qu’une sélection des meilleurs coups de gueule des années précédentes. Tout au long du livre, dans une série d’essais brillants, Mercer partage ses souvenirs hilarants, émouvants et parfois étonnants de l’émission. Mercer est également l’auteur de quatre best-sellers nationaux, Rick Mercer Final Report, Streeters, The Rick Mercer Report : The Book, et A Nation Worth Ranting About

En 2019, Mercer a remporté le prix du Gouverneur général pour l’ensemble de ses réalisations, une distinction qui récompense les artistes ayant apporté une contribution indélébile à la vie culturelle du Canada et du monde. Il est également officier de l’Ordre du Canada.

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