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QPAT Pre-convention Workshops

Thursday, November 14, 2019
Hotel Bonaventure Montreal
9:00 – 15:00

Convention Program and Workshops

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Keynote Speaker

Peter Mansbridge

QPAT Annual Convention 2019

November 14-15, 2019

Our National Stories Inspiring Canadians at Home and Abroad

Date: Thursday November 14, 2019
Time: 20 h 00
Room: Salle de Bal de Montréal

Peter Mansbridge is one of Canada’s most respected and recognizable figures. For five decades, including his 29 years as the anchor of CBC’s The National, he has guided us through the political, economic, and cultural events that have shaped the country. Through a unique lens of journalistic expertise, Mansbridge offers us guidance on how to cultivate trust, take pride in our heritage, and navigate leadership through times of upheaval.

Mansbridge’s sterling career at the CBC is without precedent. He served as the chief correspondent of CBC News, helmed its flagship show The National, anchored all CBC News specials, and hosted the intelligent interview show Mansbridge: One on One. For his work, Mansbridge has received over a dozen national awards for broadcast excellence—yet for all the accolades, he remains an astoundingly grounded individual, with a gentle humour and trademark integrity. Reflecting back on his journalism career, which has taken him across the country and the planet, he told CBC’s The Current, “When you hear from others about their perceptions of Canada, it opens your eyes about the country you live in. You learn things about yourself you didn’t know.”

Away from the news desk, Mansbridge has been recognized by leading universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and, of course, Canada. He’s been a Fellow at Yale, has lectured at Oxford, was named Chancellor of Mount Allison University, and is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Mansbridge has received 13 honorary doctorates, including his latest from McMaster University, where he told graduates that, “We need to face disagreements and divisions head on, but with passion and conviction and respect.” Mansbridge was also named an Officer of the Order of Canada—one of the country’s highest civilian honours—for his “contributions to broadcasting, for his commitment to helping Canadians better understand their country and the world, and for his dedication to literacy and Canada’s youth.”

Known for his trademark voice and unflappable onscreen presence, Mansbridge has also found success as an author. His book Mansbridge: One on One was a national bestseller, and he’s penned contributions to The 100 Photos That Changed Canada, Canada’s Great War Album, and the ambitious essay collection 100 Days That Changed Canada.

Alexandre Trudeau

Documentary Filmmaker | Journalist

Wiisgaapte : Court métrage, identité et réconciliation

Date: Friday November 15, 2019
Time: 10 h 30 – 11 h 45
Room: Montréal 4


Documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist, Alexandre Trudeau shares his bold views on the political, social, and economic forces of our times. Having gained widespread recognition for his edgy and insightful humanism and for his brave iconoclasm and fierce dedication to social justice, Trudeau doesn’t fit into any boxes and never fails to surprise, provoke and inspire.

Trudeau has produced and directed compelling and provocative films and reported from all corners of the world. He was a trusted witness on the ground as the bombs began to fall on Baghdad in 2003; he charted out the intimate realities on both sides of the Israeli security barrier; he stood up for the rights of arbitrarily imprisoned security certificate detainees in Canada; he tracked youth-driven democratic awakenings in the Balkans; he shed light on the origins of unrest in Darfur, Liberia and Haiti; and he deconstructed the Canadian peace-keeping legacy fifty years after Pearson’s Nobel.

In addition, Trudeau helped Canadians grapple with the millennial-old cultural underpinnings behind China’s return to glory during the 2008 Olympics, and tackled the planetary power shifts that link Somali piracy, the Arab Spring, and the all-important maritime resource trade.

Many years and many journeys in the making, Trudeau’s first book was published to wide acclaim. Barbarian Lost: Travels in the New China is an intimate and touching portrait of this ancient nation as it experiences one of the most transformative periods of its long history.

Trudeau is a founding executive committee member of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation for excellence in social sciences and humanities’ research and innovation, and is president and chief producer at JuJu Films.