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Source: dana.org

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research.

Every March, BAW unites the efforts of partner organizations worldwide in a celebration of the brain for people of all ages. Activities are limited only by the organizers’ imaginations and include open days at neuroscience labs; exhibitions about the brain; lectures on brain-related topics; social media campaigns; displays at libraries and community centers; classroom workshops; and more.


Interested in planning a BAW event, but not sure what you can do? Below are some ideas on how to get your organization and community involved in the campaign, including suggestions for collaborating with other organizations.

For your convenience, the activities are split into ideas for children and adults.


Source: Neuro-marseille.org  et semaineducerveau.fr

La 21ème édition de la Semaine du Cerveau aura lieu du 11 au 17 mars 2019.
Elle a pour objectif de sensibiliser le grand public aux enjeux de la recherche en neurosciences.


Découvrez es mystères du cerveau:

Découvrir le cerveau

Les neurones

Les pensées inconscientes

Le sommeil

Le cyborg