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Is there anything that makes everything better like chocolate? Obviously not, that’s why the ultimate in chocolate portability was designed, the chocolate chip. Chocolate chips are not only easy to transport around, they’re also completely versatile! Want to make any cookie better? Add chocolate chips! (Oatmeal, Macadamia, Peanut Butter? All cookies that are better with chocolate chips!) Chocolate Chip Day celebrates these amazing little culinary inventions, and all that they can do.

History of Chocolate Chip Day

It all started at a little place you may recognize the name of, the Toll House Inn. Located in Whitman, Massachusetts, it just happens to be the home of that most favorite of cookies, the chocolate chip cookie. Ruth Graves Wakefield had originally planned on making a chocolate cookie, and decided to do so by throwing in chunks of a chocolate bar into it. In a happy accident, it turned out that the chocolate did not melt and mix with the rest of the cookie, but maintained its shape, filling the cookie with delicious little chocolate bits.

Thus was born the chocolate chip cookie, and the Toll House Cookie Company! From that day forward there have been new forms of chocolate chip added, white chocolate chip, mint chocolate, milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, even dark chocolate! All of these varieties being added to delicious new recipes to create fantastic new treats for you to enjoy!

But it didn’t immediately go from chocolate bar to chocolate chip, there was a little innovation that happened in between first. Based off of the success of the cookies she made, Nestle agreed to add Ms. Wakefield’s recipe to their wrapper. What did they pay her for this honor? A lifetime supply of chocolate! Sounds like an awesome deal to us too! Nestle (and at least one other company) went on to include a chopping tool to help prepare the bars for use in cookies. That is, right up until 1941 when they started selling them as ‘chocolate chips’ or ‘chocolate morsels’.


Well, the first thing to do is remember that Chocolate Chip Day isn’t just about cookies, it’s about all the things you can include chocolate chips in! Pancakes, muffins, pudding, ice cream, granola bars, pies, these are just a few of the wonderful creations you can add them to. We’ll be honest though, our favorite way to enjoy chocolate chips? By the handful out of the bag.


Source: FemmeActuelle

Le chocolat a un effet anti-fatigue et anti-déprime. Alors, n’hésitez plus à craquer pour un carré de chocolat noir, c’est bon pour le moral et pour le corps en général.

Les chocolats noir et au lait renferment respectivement 112 mg et 60 mg de magnésium pour 100 g.

Pour lutter contre le stress et l’anxiété, rien de mieux que d’augmenter sa consommation en magnésium. De multiples études confirment que ce minéral est un élément majeur de la prévention des conséquences négatives du stress, et qu’il est capable de réduire fortement les taux de cortisol plasmatique dans le sang.

Un déficit de magnésium entraîne une baisse d’énergie. Ce manque peut être ressenti de différentes façons : sensation d’épuisement, fatigue chronique, fatigabilité à l’effort… Le manque d’énergie a très souvent des conséquences psychologiques car il est anxiogène. Quand on se sent en forme, on a plus confiance en soi et si des problèmes surgissent on dispose de l’énergie nécessaire pour y faire face.

Différentes études ont montré qu’une alimentation enrichie en magnésium réduit les risques de survenue d’un infarctus du myocarde ou d’un AVC, permet d’abaisser la pression artérielle et diminue la probabilité de souffrir d’un diabète de type 2.
De plus, une alimentation riche en magnésium pourrait avoir un effet positif sur la prévention et l’évolution de l’ostéoporose chez la femme ménopausée.