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Source: World Child Cancer

Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer, the majority of which can be cured if detected early enough.

Raising awareness

Childhood cancer can be cured but in many of our programmes, children are presented late to hospital because families simply did not know that their child had cancer. Despite visiting local healthcare centres, children are often misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late meaning they lose valuable time when trying to access the treatment they desperately need.

With your support, we are changing this. We create strong volunteer partnerships between medical professionals in developed countries and their peers in developing ones. Our volunteers work with local doctors and nurses to identify areas where training and other input is required and provide support through a combination of in-country workshops and case discussions. We also support the active training of village practitioners on the early warning signs of childhood cancer to avoid misdiagnosis.

Many families, especially those living in rural areas, have no awareness of cancer or that it can affect children. In some languages, there is not even a word for cancer. By raising awareness through the sharing of knowledge and expertise and by creating information packs in local dialects we can increase awareness of childhood cancer. With better awareness we can give children a faster route to better treatment.


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Source: Union Nationale des Associations de Parents d’Enfants atteints de Cancer ou LEucémie

Qu’est-ce que la journée internationale du cancer de l’enfant ?

La journée internationale du cancer de l’enfant est une campagne collaborative mondiale de sensibilisation sur le cancer chez les enfants. Elle sert aussi à exprimer son soutien pour les enfants et adolescents atteints de cancer, les patients guéris et leurs familles. La journée favorise une prise en compte accrue et une plus profonde compréhension des questions et des défis que soulèvent le cancer de l’enfant et les patients guéris. Il souligne également la nécessité d’un accès plus équitable et aux meilleurs traitements et soins pour tous les enfants atteints de cancer, partout.


CP 15 février : Journée Internationale du Cancer de l’Enfant, 3 actions pour renforcer la mobilisation et réduire les inégalités d’accès aux soins.