International Women’s Day

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Coordinating an IWD event? Invite your speaker/s to articulate and explain that exact moment when they themselves took bold action to help improve or develop an aspect of their own livelihood, career or business – or that of another woman’s, or women’s status overall:


Ask all students to Journal:

  • what was their bold moment?
  • how did they do it?
  • what motivated them?
  • what difference did they make?
  • how can others learn from this?

Host a proactive discussion regarding:

  • what constitutes “bold” action?
  • what conditions are necessary to enable “bold” action?
  • what are the consequences of “bold” action?
  • what are some examples of “bold” action already taken in your context?

Build a “Bold Actions” wall:

  • get students to commit to action
  • post their actions on a “Bold Actions” wall
  • photograph the “Bold Actions” wall

Watch purposeful IWD videos at your event:

  • preview which of these phenomenal IWD videos speak most to your audience, and which ones reinforce and support your own direction
  • or contribute your own IWD video for possible inclusion on the IWD website for others to enjoy

One month later, ask students if their bold actions have increased? Have they taken bold actions on behalf of someone else? Have they witnessed any BOLD actions done by others?