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Members of Executive Committee

From left to right

Secretary: Brian Smeltzer

President: Sébastien Joly

Member-at-large: Stephanie McLellan

Member-at-large: Peter Sutherland

Member-at-large: Heidi Yetman

Treasurer: Nick Ross

Chairperson: Steven LeSueur

Mandate of the Executive Committee

The Executive shall meet when required in order to:

  • prepare the agendas for meetings of the Board of Directors and the Provincial Council, such agendas to be sent to the members of these bodies at a reasonable time prior to their meetings;
  • carry on the business of the Association between meetings of the Board of Directors; or
  • act as the staffing committee of the Association.

Also, each member of the Executive shall:

  • discharge the duties associated with his or her office; and
  • attend meetings of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, the Provincial Council and other meetings of the Association.

Sébastien Joly, President

The President of the Association shall:

  • preside at meetings of the Executive Committee;
  • act as spokesperson of the Association;
  • be the chief executive responsible for implementing the policy of the Association;
  • be the general co-ordinator of the secretariat; and
  • be ex-officio a member of each standing committee, with the exception of the Nominations and Discipline Committees.

Steven Le Sueur, General Chairperson

The General Chairperson shall:

  • preside at general meetings of the Association;
  • preside at meetings of the Board of Directors; and
  • preside at meetings of the Provincial Council.

Brian Smeltzer, Secretary

The Secretary shall:

  • keep, or cause to be kept, a full and just record of the proceedings of the Association, of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the Provincial Council; and
  • make such reports as shall be required by the General Meeting, the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, or the Provincial Council as the case may be.

Nick Ross, Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

  • act as Chairperson of the Finance and Budget Committee;
  • act as custodian of the funds and books of the Association;
  • oversee the expenditure of the same in accordance with the votes of the Provincial Council, or the Board of Directors;
  • cause to be deposited all funds of the Association in the name of the Association, in a financial institution approved by the Board of Directors;
  • make all payments by cheque signed by the Treasurer and the President, or persons named by the Board of Directors for this duty;
  • prepare, or cause to be prepared annually, or as often as may be required by the Board of Directors, a financial abstract; and
  • present the Treasurer’s statement at the first session of the Annual General Meeting of the Provincial Council.