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What is Get Connected?

Many teachers want to make a difference and are often of great inspiration to others. What strengths can they share? How can they continue to grow in their profession and make a difference? How can they inspire their students? How can they stay motivated? What are they doing in their classrooms?

How will teachers Get Connected?

Get Connectedwill be launched at a QPAT Teachers’ Convention Workshop in the fall. Teachers from various local unions will present ideas about which they are passionate and illustrate how they have incorporated these ideas into their classrooms, schools and communities.

QPAT will use its social media platforms and develop a Get Connectedsection on the QPAT website which will be open to anyone interested in being part of a community that makes a difference, both on a personal and professional level, as well as to the world around them. This section of the website will also include links to resources for teachers in the following areas:

Your own projects may very likely be of great inspiration to others.  Please contact Julie Montpetit at to have your masterpieces featured on this page.


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Passion for the Profession, and Making Dreams Come True

Melinda Cochrane International  was created  to serve others and to teach people how to live life with a Destiny Creation mindset.  Melinda’s vision is for others to discover their destiny as well. As a cancer survivor, it became her way to continue on her dreams without giving up.

Melinda Cochrane International



Get Connected Health and Wellness


A Letter to My Younger Self

Melinda Cochrane (PTU)

Stacey Monk (MTA)