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STRIKE – APRIL 14, 2021

A hearing took place this morning at the TAT between representatives from the French school service centres, English school boards and representatives from the FSE and QPAT. Following the discussions, the employers’ representatives withdrew their application filed with the TAT. They are no longer disputing the legality of our strike or its allegedly abusive nature.

As we have already indicated to you in previous communications, we remind you of the following instructions:

–          Health measures must be followed during demonstrations and mobilization actions associated with the April 14 strike;

–          You must be available from 9:31 a.m. onwards and perform the work required by your employer, which means that some of you may have to leave the picket line a few minutes before 9:30 a.m. in order to fulfill your obligations.


As you know, we consider the use of distance education to be illegal and that the school board’s decision is totally abusive. We made an urgent attempt to have a safeguard order heard this morning; however, the arbitrator in the case refused to hear our application and accepted the employer’s arguments to the effect that it was unable to prepare properly for the hearing. The arbitrator suspended the hearing despite our interventions contesting this so-called lack of preparation.

In real terms, this means that we will not have a decision in time for the strike day tomorrow. However, we maintain our position. So in order for you not to put yourselves in a position of insubordination and to avoid any illegal strike action, we remind you of the rule “obey now, complain later”. Consequently, we are asking you to perform the work requested by your employer.

In no way does this mean we are renouncing our right to object. In this respect, school service centres and English school boards agree that a preparatory hearing will be held by the end of the week, and that the hearing will begin within 10 days’ time.

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