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Industrial Alliance, The Personal

Industrial Alliance

For more information on your insurance plan, contact Industrial Alliance at:


Your emergency travel claims process

Exclusive group rates. Exclusively for you.

Choosing home and auto group insurance with The Personal means you’ll get exclusive rates and personalized coverage for you as a member of QPAT.

You could save by switching your home and auto insurance to us.


Make it a comfortable drive—we’ve got you covered with savings like:


Protect the place you call home and get savings like:


Whether you own a service company, a retail place or rental buildings, get the right coverage at competitive rates.

Savings and peace of mind at your fingertips with The Personal App

As a client, you could get the most out of your insurance with The Personal App

It’s easy to switch!

Most of our new clients described switching to The Personal as easier than expected.*

Get a quote and save.

The Personal refers to The Personal General Insurance Inc. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply.
* Based upon the responses of policyholders of The Personal in a survey conducted between July 26 and September 7, 2017, who switched their home and auto insurance from another insurer between May 2016 and July 2017.

  1. The discount for fuel-efficient vehicles is awarded based on criteria defined by The Personal General Insurance Inc. using information provided by the Fuel Consumption Guide published by Natural Resources Canada.

  2. You could save up to 15% if your home has a monitored fire alarm and burglar alarm.

  3.  Ajusto is underwritten by The Personal. ®Ajusto is a registered trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Inc. and is used with permission by The Personal. The discount on the auto insurance premium does not apply to certain endorsements and additional coverages. New subscribers who sign up after September 15, 2017 must travel at least 1,000 km during the mandatory 100 days for savings during the use period. For all other applicable discount terms and conditions, whether you signed up before or after September 15, 2017, please refer to the terms of use in effect when you signed up for the Ajusto Program.

Need additional help?

You may contact QPAT via email at any time. However, your local union represents you on behalf of the provincial Association. Your local union is the first place to call for more Information