Once you are employed by a school board, you will automatically become a member of a local union. If you have any questions, your local union office is the first place to call.

Your local union is one of ten local unions affiliated with QPAT, the provincial association.

Appalachian Teachers’ Association (ATA)

155 Principale Ouest, Suite 104
Magog (Quebec) J1X 2A7
Tel: 819-843-2630
Fax: 819-843-6297

Central Quebec Teachers’ Association (CQTA)

701 Thibeau, C.P. 33015
Trois-Rivières (Quebec) G8T 9T8
Tel: 888-586-6526

Châteauguay Valley Teachers’ Association (CVTA)

P.O. Box 2 Ormstown BDP
Ormstown (Quebec) J0S 1K0
Tel: 514-726-7431

Eastern Shores Teachers’ Association (ESTA)

40 Mountsorrel
New Carlisle (Quebec) GOC 1Z0
Tel: 418-680-2163
Fax: 418-478-3645

Laurier Teachers’ Union (LTU)

2292 Industrial Boulevard, Suite 210
Laval (Quebec) H7S 1P9
Tel: 450-667-7037 – Tel: 800-301-1351
Fax: 450-667-9506

Lower North Shore English Teachers’ Association (LNSETA)

P.O. Box 3
Harrington Harbour (Quebec) G0G 1N0
Tel: 418-795-0111
Fax: 418-795-0111

Montreal Teachers’ Association (MTA)

4260 Girouard Avenue, Suite 200
Montreal (Quebec) H4A 3C9
Tel: 514-487-4580
Fax: 514-487-1678

Pearson Teachers’ Union (PTU)

17035 Brunswick Boulevard, Suite 2
Kirkland (Quebec) H9H 5G6
Tel: 514-426-4949
Fax: 514-426-4952

Riverside Teachers’ Union (RTU)

10 Churchill Boulevard, Suite 201
Greenfield Park (Quebec) J4V 2L5
Tel: 450-465-2523
Fax: 450-465-8384

Western Quebec Teachers’ Association (WQTA)

50 Noel Street, Suite 4, 2nd Floor
Gatineau (Quebec) J8Z 2M4
Tel: 819-777-1475
Fax: 819-777-0016