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We are fighting for teachers’ working conditions and for quality public education.

The current offer reflects the government’s unresponsiveness and lack of consideration for teachers’ needs. There has been no concrete proposal on how to solve real problems, and no response to the solutions we propose.


The issues…as seen by management!

The following are some of the main points of the employer’s offer as tabled last December 15th:

  • Demanding more flexibility in exceeding the maximum number of students per group!
  • They want to “improve work attendance” by questioning reasons invoked by teachers for leaves of absences.
  • They believe in distance learning as a cure for all ills!
  • In Adult Ed and Vocational Training, they want to abolish daily span, expand the regular work week, and review workload parameters!


In other words, the government wants to increase your workload, reduce your autonomy, and increase class sizes.

Watch the videos and learn more about QPAT’s demands to the Quebec government

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