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New Teachers

Handbook, Mentoring

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New Teacher's Guide

We have designed a guide for new teachers working in English-language public schools in the province of Quebec to help make the transition into the profession as smooth as possible. Our hope is that this handbook will become a trusted friend as you continue to develop the professional skills of your chosen career.

Frequently asked questions

Although substitution is an excellent way to gain experience, contracts may be given out may once the recall list has been exhausted. It is possible to have a contract upon graduation.

You are employed by the school board, not the principal.

Ideally, you select your own mentor based on the particular needs you have. Don’t be shy about approaching a colleague; he or she may be honoured to accept your request.

Need additional help?

You may contact QPAT via email at any time. However, your local union represents you on behalf of the provincial Association. Your local union is the first place to call for more Information