New Teachers’ Guide

We have designed a guide for new teachers working in English-language public schools in the province of Quebec to help make the transition into the profession as smooth as possible. Our hope is that this handbook will become a trusted friend as you continue to develop the professional skills of your chosen career.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. If I have just graduated from university, is substitution my only option?

A: Although substitution is an excellent way to gain experience, contracts may be given out may once the recall list has been exhausted. It is possible to have a contract upon graduation.

Q: Is the principal considered my employer?

A: You are employed by the school board, not the principal.

Q: If I would like to work with a mentor, should I just wait to see with whom I am matched by my school?

A: Ideally, you select your own mentor based on the particular needs you have. Don’t be shy about approaching a colleague; he or she may be honoured to accept your request.