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Call for Workshop Proposals

Hôtel Bonaventure Montréal; Yearly event for all educators working for the English-language schools of Québec (over 13,000 educators working in public and private); Participation close to 3,000 individuals every year; Workshops (75 to 90 minutes) [...]


The First Day of Sectorial Negotiations A message from Heidi Yetman, president of QPAT January 16, 2020 in Quebec City. Over my 23-year teaching career things slowly changed. Slowly over time, I lost my autonomy. [...]

INFO-NEGO – December 18, 2019

On December 17, the Comité patronal de négociation pour les commissions scolaires anglophones (CPNCA) deposited their counter-offer to our QPAT negotiation team. It is with much disappointment that QPAT received this counter-offer. If the government [...]

INFO-NEGO – December 13, 2019

 “Every year we slip further and further behind.” DECEMBER 13, 2019 On December 12, the Legault Government offered the public sector a 7% salary increase over 5 years. Earlier this week, Statistics Canada published the teachers’ salaries from [...]