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The voluntary conciliation process on the 2010 grievances respecting pay equity maintenance ended on January 6, 2020, without an agreement between the Treasury Board and the trade unions involved. The CSQ regrets the failure of this attempt at a settlement for the members it represents.

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Petition to the National Assembly on Pay Equity
Petition text
WHEREAS the National Assembly of Québec, in adopting the Pay Equity Act in 1996,
acknowledged the importance of the fundamental right to pay equity;
WHEREAS numerous employers have still not fulfilled their obligations with respect to pay
WHEREAS almost 25 years after the Act was adopted, the average hourly salary difference
between women and men is still more than 10%;
WHEREAS in spite of the last two revisions of the Act, funding problems remain and are still
prejudicial to the women who complained in 2010 and 2015;
WHEREAS the 2018 Supreme Court ruling confirms the unconstitutional nature of sections
relating to pay equity audits and correction of salary differences;
WHEREAS salary adjustments arising from obligations under the Act must apply retroactively to
the date on which the discriminatory event occurred;
We, the undersigned, ask the Government of Québec:
• to review the Pay Equity Act as quickly as possible;
• to pay all the salary adjustments owing, retroactively to the date on which the discriminatory
event occurred;
• to ensure that the Act provides for employees to play a decision-making role, in particular
during pay equity audits;
• to provide the CNESST with tools ensuring that it has all the information it needs, in particular
with improvements to the content of the employer’s pay equity declaration and sufficient
human and financial resources to ensure that the Act is applied consistently.

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