Nominations are invited for the following position on the QPAT Executive for 2018-2020:


Each nomination must be signed by at least fifteen (15) active members drawn from at least two (2) locals of QPAT, accompanied by the curriculum vitae of the nominee and his/her consent in writing. Please ensure that nominators print their names as well as signing.

Nomination forms are available at the QPAT office. These forms are not required by the by-laws and are provided only as a convenience.

Nominations should be addressed to: The Nominations Committee, c/o QPAT, 17035 Brunswick Blvd., Kirkland, (Quebec) H9H 5G6. The deadline for receipt of nominations is Tuesday, January 22, 2019, at 4:00 p.m.

Qualifications of the President and Description of Duties

The President must have either served on the Board of Directors for at least one (1) full year in the five (5) preceding his or her candidacy for the presidency or was a former member of the professional staff of QPAT or one of its local unions for at least one (1) year in the five (5) preceding his or her candidacy for the presidency.

The President shall:

  • preside at meetings of the Executive Committee;
  • act as spokesperson of the Association and represent the Association at various meetings at the provincial level;
  • be the chief executive responsible for implementing the policy of the Association;
  • be an ex-officio member of each standing committee, with the exception of the Nominations and Discipline Committees.