We are in this together and must remain United.

An Act to amend mainly the Education Act with regard to school organization and governance

A Special Needs Reference Guide for Teachers: Teaching At-Risk Students, Students with Handicaps, Social Maladjustments or Learning Difficulties

Health and Safety Accidents at Work – A collective commitment A personal responsibility

Kindergarten for All Four-Year-Olds – Consolidate before Expanding

When the opportunity presented itself, I decided to go for it.

It is not unusual to hear people say that violence in schools is an inherent aspect of the teaching profession, or that teachers are trained to deal with different types of students…

Fees Paid by Parents and the Right to Free Education

The purpose of this handbook is to provide information that is of particular relevance to the Adult Education sector

As a teacher in one of Quebec’s public schools you contribute to a pension plan called RREGOP that will provide you with a guaranteed benefit when you retire.

ADULT EDUCATION AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION What you need to know about governing boards in centres

What you need to know about Governing Boards in Schools

A guide for new Teachers working in English Language public schools in the province of Quebec.

Health and Safety Accidents at Work – A collective commitment A personal responsibility

At age 65 the teachers’ pension (RREGOP/TPP) is integrated with the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) pension. This is the law. Teachers in Quebec do not pay both the RREGOP/TPP and QPP contributions…

This handbook is a guide for teachers providing an overview of the most important aspects of the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) as well as those provisions of the collective agreement governing parental rights and benefits.

The collective agreement and the Québec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms determine the rights and obligations of the employer and the employee with regard to disability-related absences.

The New Educational Project for Schools and Centres

Working together in this way benefits all our members – SEBASTIEN JOLY | QPAT PRESIDENT

Presentation of results from the workplace violence experienced by teachers questionnaire administered to the members of the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers

QPAT Brief on Bill 21: An Act respecting the laicity of the State, concerning the prohibition on the wearing of religious symbols in Québec’s public institutions

Did you know that, in a spring 2018 survey of QPAT members: 56% of respondents said they had been victims of at least one incident involving physical and/or psychological violence (including cyberbullying) in the previous two years.