QPAT Brief on Bill 5

United 2019

QPAT Summary: Survey on Violence

QPAT Brief on Bill 21 – An Act respecting the laicity of the State, concerning the prohibition on the wearing of religious symbols in Québec’s public institutions (2019)

QPAT Brief on Bill 12 – Fees Paid and the Right to Free Education (2019)

Adult Education Handbook for QPAT Teachers

Basic Pension Information for QPAT Members (2017)

Governing Board: Practical Guide (Adult & Vocational)

Governing Board: Practical Guide (Schools)

Handbook for New Teachers

Health and Safety: Accidents at Work (2017)

How Pension Integration Works at Age 65 (2013)

My Parental Rights and the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) 2017

Prolonged Absence Due to a Disability (January 2019)

The New Educational Project for Schools and Centres (January 2019)

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