QPAT Sock Drive

QPAT Sock Drive

How much time do you spend thinking about the importance of socks?

Most of us, including our students, most likely don’t give them much thought: Our feet get wet, we put on a clean dry pair, and (hopefully) put the dirty ones in the hamper.

Unfortunately for some people, this is not even an option. Many homeless people spend a lot of time thinking about socks.  Clean, dry socks are very hard to come by, especially in the winter.

Did you know that clean, dry socks can also make a big difference to physical health?  Without them, sores, blisters, frostbite and other infections can pose some serious danger to the homeless.

Here is a video you may wish to show to your students of an 11-year-old who started a sock drive for a shelter in his community:


Would you like to help?  Organizing a sock drive in your classroom and/or school is a very easy and inexpensive way to make a huge difference to this very common and devastating problem.

Here are two shelters in the Montreal area that accept sock donations:

Dans La Rue



Acceuil Bonneau


If you live outside of the Montreal area, contact a local shelter for more information.

The QPAT office, located in the West Island of Montreal, is also available as a drop-off point for any collected socks.


QPAT Building

17035 Brunswick Boulevard

Kirkland, QC, H9H 5G6


Please share with us your pictures and progress if you do decide to participate in a sock drive with your students.  You can contact julie_montpetit@qpat-apeq.qc.cafor more information.