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Special Needs

Special Needs

At-Risk Students, Students with Handicaps, 

Social Maladjustments or Learning Difficulties 

This information document outlines the role of the secondary supporting teacher in the English sector.

Organization and Distribution of Support Services

Referential: Special Needs Guide For Teachers Working in the English Sector

A Special Needs Reference Guide for Teachers: Teaching At-Risk Students, Students with Handicaps, Social Maladjustments or Learning Difficulties.

Summary Report: 2019 & 2020 QPAT Member Survey on Special Needs

Increasing feedback from local teacher unions and numerous consultations with teachers, including past and present attempts to improve conditions for teachers and students through provincial contract negotiations, signaled a need to look further into issues pertaining to inclusion.

QPAT/APEQ Member-Checking Survey

Based on qualitative data collected from the QPAT Special Needs Survey of April 2019 to which 2,259 youth sector teachers in Quebec English School Boards responded…

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