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Your Workplace Mental Health Platform

A digital CBT-based program to improve employee mental health. Reduce costs related to stress, burnout, anxiety and depression while promoting happiness in your organization.

Thoughtful Tuesdays

When: First Tuesday of the month 7:00 PM 

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented amount of uncertainty and challenges. With unclear procedures and the threat of infection, while still maintaining education standards, it’s hard to have the energy to care for someone important: yourself.

Join us every first Tuesday of the month for 30-minutes to practice a Starling Minds strategy to help you better manage stress, worry, and anxiety.

Topics Covered: 

  • 1) Reduce stress and calm yourself with diaphragmatic breathing

  • 2)  Set SMART achievable goals and celebrate your successes

    3) Practice meditation to feel at peace and at ease with your mind

    4) Break unhelpful patterns by understanding your common triggers, moods, and reactions

    5) Create balanced positions to manage worrisome and repetitive thoughts

    6) Build your own mental health action plan for success


Each session will be recorded and will be shared with you afterwards. We encourage you therefore to sign up for the challenge to make sure you receive the recordings. 


Register for Starling Mental Fitness

Get the most out of “Thoughtful Tuesdays” with Tara, register for Starling Minds’ Mental Fitness program now. Tara will be walking through the sections of the program that are most relevant and impactful. 

All QPAT members can register for this resource with access code QPATMEMBER

This initiative is also offered to your family members. They simply need to register for this resource using the access code QPATFAMILY.

You will:

  • – Learn how to raise your awareness of stressors and reactions
  • – Discover strategies to help you relax and recharge
  • – Learn how to see the “small wins” in your day-to-day life
  • – Learn how to have more balanced, objective, and realistic thoughts

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