Services provided by QPAT

The following are some of the services provided by QPAT.

Organize the Annual Teachers’ Convention

QPAT organizes the annual teachers’ convention which takes place in the fall in Montreal. The entrance fee is included in the union dues of teachers working in the Anglophone public sector of Quebec. All-day pre-convention workshops are organized as well as shorter workshops which cover a wide range of interests. The Thursday evening of convention wraps up with a social event.

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Inform Members and the General Public

QPAT informs members via its website and distributes content to other platforms, including social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, etc.), creates newsletters and publications, coordinates media campaigns that describe what is happening within QPAT and teaching in English public schools.

Negotiate Teachers’ Working Conditions

QPAT negotiates in close partnership with the Fédération des syndicats de l’enseignement (FSE) the working conditions stipulated in the provincial agreement for teaching staff working in the nine English-language school boards as well as the Littoral School Board.

Represent Teachers’ Views on Pedagogical Dossiers

QPAT represents teachers’ views on pedagogical matters with the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieure (MEES) and the Quebec English School Boards’ Association (QESBA). This includes preparing briefs and having internal debates regarding our position.

Labour Relations: Grievances and Arbitration

QPAT is responsible for the processing of grievances and arbitration where there is disagreement between the local union and the school board on the interpretation and application of different working conditions provided for in the collective agreement.

Provide Opportunities and Resources for Teachers

QPAT provides professional opportunities and resources for teachers, including classroom and community-based projects, supports teachers worldwide, provides education opportunities for children living in poverty, contributes financial donations (e.g. Hurricaine Matthew), and provides teachers with opportunities to volunteer overseas (e.g. Namuwongo Project).

Inform, Support and Develop Training Tools for Local Unions

QPAT informs, supports and develops training tools for the representatives of its ten different local unions, especially in matters related to the interpretation and application of the collective agreement. QPAT assists local unions in supporting their members with CNESST cases as well as parental rights (maternity, paternity and adoption).

Negotiate Insurance Contracts

QPAT negotiates health, life, dental and long-term disability insurance contracts.

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Partner with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF)

QPAT partners with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) to collaborate with other provinces throughout the country. QPAT works with teachers all over the world by contributing to Project Overseas, which gives professional assistance to fellow teachers in developing countries. We believe in supporting the teaching profession worldwide.

Provide Forums of Discussion

Committees at the provincial level, such as the Leadership Committee for English Education in Quebec (LCEEQ), act as forums for the exchange of information and discussions on diverse subjects. Examples of QPAT committees include the New Teachers’ Committee and the Membership Plans Committee.

Give Advice to Members Approaching Retirement

QPAT oganizes pension/retirement workshops and gives advice to members approaching retirement.